THROWBACK THURSDAY >> Thick n' Shine Styling Gel

October 31, 2016

THROWBACK THURSDAY >> Thick n' Shine Styling Gel

Throwback Thursday Presents...


IC Fantasia's Think n' Shine Styling Gel was introduced back in 2003. It's a triple protein styling gel with herbal thickeners. This product is formulated with a triple protein complex in order to thicken, strengthen, and shine weak, damaged hair. Our special blends of proteins, vitamins, shea butter, and herbs are infused into each tiny hair strand.

This unique blend will help increase weight and diameter to enhance the thickness of the hair and shine from within. It's anti-thinning and nourishing properties promote stronger, healthier, longer, and growing hair.

After use, the hair dries softly and becomes more bouncy. It provides good hold without that crunchy residue feeling because it doesn't dry hard, heavy, or greasy.

Define your curls and control frizz with this healthy styling gel.

<3 Team Fantasia