Product Spotlight: Carrot Growth Serum

November 29, 2016

Product Spotlight: Carrot Growth Serum

Product Spotlight: Carrot Growth Serum



About the Product:

Our popular Carrot Growth Serum contains Beta Carotene, Antioxidants, Corn Silk, and Vitamins A & E to help condition and restore strength and shine to weak, damaged hair.


  • For use on all hair types
  • Alcohol Free
  • Enhances Shine and elasticity of hair
  • Protects hair from Heat Damage



Check out the review by Ndidi Grace below:


What others have said:


TT via Amazon:

"I first tried it as a trial and loved it! I am mixed afro-american and spanish so I have WILD curls. I cut all my hair off and donated it and it was growing pretty steady then just stopped growing when it got to my shoulders. I started using this daily and my hair is back down to my waist after a little over a year. I am not claiming this is a miracle worker since I have naturally fast growing hair but it def gave it a boost. The smell is great and it is not greasy. I have a few other friends who have tried it (afro-american not mixed) and they said the same, that with continual use it gives your hair a great shine a realistic jump start in the growing department."

C.A1109 via

"I initially came across this product at Walgreens. And i have always had long hair but it always stayed the same length which was a little past my bust line and it seemed like it wouldn't grow any longer. So i decided to try it and let me just say i FELL IN LOVE! First off i LOVE the smell. Not only does it smell wonderful but it leaves your hair feeling so soft and looking so shiny and healthy! I especially love that it protects against heat which is a PLUS! Saves $$$. Growth wise it takes time and doesn't work miracles. So if your expecting to see results in a month then this is not the product for you. But my hair finally got past the same length and it is now down to my waist! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and will purchase again once i run out."



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