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About Our Company

Paul and Archie Bogosian, Fantasia founders


Fantasia Industries began as a dream for brothers Paul and Archie Bogosian in the early 1960's. They gained expertise as hairdressers and salon owners with multiple salon locations in New York City and a diverse clientele.

The brothers realized that the hair care products they were using and offering to their clients did not meet their performance expectations. So they decided to use the knowledge they had gained as hairdressers to develop their own high performance line of products to meet the hair care needs of a broad client base.

In 1963 Fantasia Industries was formed. Fifty years later, the majority of hair care manufacturers have gone out of business, merged with larger corporations, or abandoned the beauty industry entirely. Fantasia Industries Corporation is not merely a survivor, but an innovator of products for the hair care industry.


The Fantasia team outside of our Paramus, NJ headquarters



Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers innovative products that meet their changing hair care needs. We strive to use the best quality ingredients while offering the best value. Whatever your style or hair type, Fantasia has the professional salon quality formula for you.


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