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THROWBACK THURSDAY >> Pure Tea Reconstructor

THROWBACK THURSDAY >> Pure Tea Reconstructor

Is your hair dry, weak, dull, or lifeless?

The last Pure Tea Throwback Thursday we talked about was our IC Fantasia Pure Tea Shampoo and this is the sister conditioning product. For long-term maintenance and reconstruction from the cuticle to the cortex, you must try the IC Fantasia Pure Tea Reconstructor.

This one-minute intensive treatment absorbs easily into the hair. It's packed with proteins and vitamins which penetrates deep into the cellular layers to recondition dry hair and scalp. This formula also strengthens and rebuilds chemically treated hair. It eliminates dry, itchy scalp while adding luster and body to hair.

Combine IC Pure Tea Shampoo and IC Pure Tea Reconstructor for the ultimate cleansing and conditioning system.

<3 Team Fantasia

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