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Throwback Thursday: Carrot Serum Hair Polisher

Throwback Thursday: Carrot Serum Hair Polisher


This week's Throwback Thursday spotlight is on IC Fantasia's Carrot Serum Hair Polisher. It was orignially introduced in 2009 as a great, natural source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene which helps add moisture to the hair and scalp.

Our anti-thinning formula conditions, helps restore strength, and improves texture to weak and damaged hair. It also protects against heat damage caused by hot styling appliances. This product is also alcohole-free to help improve shine and condition of the hair. Perfect for a daily shine serum for fragile hair.

Just add a few drops onto wet or dry hair to promote overall hair health and shine.

Carrots are healthy for hair too.

<3 Team Fantasia

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