Sade Stories: Hair-Versations with Prettywitty77

Sade Stories: Hair-Versations with Prettywitty77

"Hair-Versations" is a new series where I interview my hair mentors and favorite hair vloggers as they share all about their hair journeys, favorite tips, words of encouragement, and more. Next up in this series is one of my hair mentors and inspirations, Whtiney aka Prettywitty77 from YouTube. Whitney is an online personality who shares her experiences about hair, health, and lifestyle. Whitney has also inspired over 88,000 people on social media and has over five million views on YouTube alone.

Hi Whitney! When did you begin your healthy hair journey?
Hi there! I began my hair journey in January 2011.

Have you always been passionate about hair?
Yes and no. I have always wanted my hair to look nice, however, I wasn't that great at styling it. That never stopped me with experimenting with it though.

What do you have coming up on your YouTube channel?
As I am still in the "experiment stage" of discovering my natural hair, be on the lookout for styling videos such as braidouts, twistouts, and wash & go's.

Tell us about your blog and website.
My website is a space that I can call my very own. There you can find my latest hair regimen and products that I am enjoying as well as my latest video content.

You recently became fully natural. Please tell us all about your transition to natural hair and what this new journey has been like for you.
First of all, let me start off by saying transitioning requires patience. Over the years patience is something that I acquired. I transitioned for two years and five months, and I'm glad I did. I cut my hair when I was ready and prepared to take on my natural hair. My natural hair journey has been real trial and error. No matter the outcome of my styling, I fall in love with my curls more every time I style it.

What are your top three favorite transitional hair care tips?

1.) Moisture is key! Deep condition weekly.

2.) Stay away from heat styling as it may damage your natural texture.

3.) Be super careful detangling. Try this in the shower with conditioner under running water to avoid breakage.

How do you handle people who criticized your relaxed hair?

It's simple their opinion and they are entitled to that. I loved my relaxed hair. I put years of care into it. People who criticise somebody else's happiness do not deserve my energy.

What are some words of encouragement you would give to girls and women who are feeling pessimistic or negatively about their hair?
Find something you love about your hair. Is it the fullness, texture, length, or color? Use this love to embrace the beauty in it.

What is one of your favorite hair care videos on your YouTube channel?

One of my favorite and informative videos is a breakdown of how to read the ingredients list on your hair products.

We are inundated with beautiful hairstyles and models on social media. How important is it to not compare your hair or hair care journey to others?

Hair comes in so many shapes, colors, and textures. Comparing your journey to the next person's journey isn't realistic. It turns embracing your hair into a competition which is ridiculous. Stay positive, queens.

What is one of your favorite hairstyles?
Currently, my favorite hairstyle is the wash & go. I'm in love!

What are you currently working on or have coming up that you'd like to share with our readers?

I have tons of natural hair product reviews and styling videos on the way! Make sure that you are subscribed and following my social media so you won't miss out.

Thank you Whitney for your time and being a part of our new "Hair-Versations" series on IC Fantasia's blog! I enjoy your exuberant spirit, fun attitude, and humility, and I will continue to support all you do.

I truly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for the continued support!

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