Reviewer Spotlight: Amber Janielle

Reviewer Spotlight: Amber Janielle

Amber Janielle is back with another hair tutorial featuring IC Fantasia's Coconut Oil products. This time around she demonstrated a detailed twistout on her newly colored and cut hairstyle (which we adore by the way).

Watch her video for her ful routine below:

IC Fantasia's Coconut Oil is rich and highly beneficial because it containes lauric acid. This ingredient easily penetrates the hair shaft to help retain moisture while keeping hair hydrated and soft on all hair types. Create long lasting styles or define your natural curl pattern.

Here's a list of products featured:

  • IC Fantasia Coconut Oil ‣ Styling Gel

  • IC Fantasia Coconut Oil ‣ Curling Creme

As Amber demonstrates, part your hair into sections and apply these products sparingly to damp or dry hair. Begin at the root and work into the hair ends. Make sure not to rinse out! Then style your hair as desired.

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For more hairstyling routines, follow Amber online:




<3 Team Fantasia

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