Throwback Thursday: Pure Tea Silky Gel

Throwback Thursday: Pure Tea Silky Gel


Introduced in 2007, this week's Throwback Thursday is on IC Fantasia's Silky Gel Moisturizer Activator that's made with Pure Tea.

This ingredient is an astringent for daily conditioning of natural, relaxed, and color treated hair. The lightweight moisturizer is smooth, creamy, and leaves hair soft to help reduce breakage. Enhance your curl without that tight or hard feeling.

Our formula doesn't leave hair oily or greasy which makes it a great maintenance product to keep the hair moisturized with that healthy, shiny look and feel. It penetrated the hair shaft to add moisture to dull, dry, and brittle hair.

Apply a generous amount to the palm of your hands, rub together, and distribute the gel evenly throughout the hair.

Bonus tip: It's alcohol free with a fabulous fragrance included.

<3 Team Fantasia

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