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Throwback Thursday >> PM Night Time Oil Treatment

Throwback Thursday >> PM Night Time Oil Treatment

A simple and easy moisturizing routine...while you sleep.

IC Fantasia PM Night Time Oil Treatment is a lightweight vitamin and aloe-infused hair treatment that works while you're sleeping.

It reduces brittleness mainly at the hair ends where it's the most vulnerable. This light spray doesn't leave hair with that weighed down feeling. Make sure to use sparingly. Just a couple of sprays leaves hair silky and healthy with illustrious shine. Our formula helps strengthen and repair which promotes new hair growth. It also tames flyaways and reduces frizz.

This product is a great treatment for chemically processed and heat damaged hair. May be used on braids to minimize itching and flaking while hydrating dry, frizzy curls, and is recommended for all hair textures. The 4oz. spray bottle comes with a satin sleep cap with the 8oz. bottle size available too. A few light sprays depending on damage and length, then cover your hair with the satin sleep cap or wrap it and go to sleep.

That's it. Wake up with conditioned, detangled, and sily soft hair thats better than hot oil treatment.

<3 Team Fantasia

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