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THROWBACK THURSDAY >> Olive Moisturizing Sheen Spray

THROWBACK THURSDAY >> Olive Moisturizing Sheen Spray

With the cooler months here, dryness and breakage occur much faster and you need the proper protection for your hair and scalp. IC Fantasia Olive Moisturizing Sheen Spray has all you need. It relieves tightness, itch, and flaking from dry scalp while hydrating the hair deep from the follicle.

Olives give the shine and smoothing enhancement properties to nourish and condiiton hair. You can spray it lightly on damp, clean hair and scalp, or on finished styles, locks, brainds, and roller sets. Remember...a little goes a long way. This product adds strength abd hydration for that overall healthy look and feel.

Bonus: It's not oily or greasy.

Drench your thirsty, dry hair today with a blast of oil extract, vitamins, and silk.

<3 Team Fantasia

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