Throwback Thursday >> Liquid Mousse

Throwback Thursday >> Liquid Mousse


Love mousse but hate having to work with them?

Foam flies all over the place and is difficult to get the product evenly distributed throughout your hair, becoming a messy experience. So we came up with an answer: a mousse in liquid form.

This is a non-aerosol spray-on product, so you can easily distribute it through your hair. No sticky feel, no leftover product buildup, and no foam to dissipate.

Foam mousses contain a large percentage of propellant which allows the foam to spray. This means you're paying for a product that isn't all's propellant. IC Fantasia Liquid Mousse has no propellants, alcohol-free, and doesn't dry out your hair.

No matter what your natural hair type is or how you style your hair, IC Fantasia Liquid Mousse is a sure way to polish, define, and add volume and bounce to your mane.

<3 Team Fantasia

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