Stories: Sade Champagne - My Springtime IC Fantasia Story!

Stories: Sade Champagne - My Springtime IC Fantasia Story!

My Springtime IC Fantasia Story!


Sade Champagne for IC Fantasia
Photo Credit: Sade Champagne


Submitted by Sade Champagne:

"Spring and summer are my most favorite seasons of the year! Since I am stretching my relaxer touch-ups to every 4 months this year, right now I am wearing a lot of buns. IC Fantasia Daily Conditioner & Detangler has been a real life-saver, helping my new growth to stay moisturized and soft.


In order to achieve this type of bun I use IC Fantasia's NEW Jamaican Black Castor Oil Mist (This product is the BOMB, and I'll be doing a video review on it soon), the Aloe Leave In Moisturizer Hair and Scalp Treatment, IC Hair Polisher Daily Hair Treatment and a little Solid Ice Pomade on my edges to keep them smooth. All of these products can be found at your local beauty supply stores, many other big chains or at



Sade's favorites:


This spring I would suggest eating more fruits, veggies and protein, adding coconut water to your meal plan, making sure your ponytails and buns are not too tight, using more light oils and water based products, be consistent AND persistent- and most importantly don't be so hard on yourself! Everyone's hair journey is different and takes time. We can be inspired by people, but it's important to not obsess or compare ourselves to others."


Follow Sade for more hair tips on her instagram @iamsadechampagne


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