Stories: Sade Champagne - My Favorite Co-Wash Conditioner!

Stories: Sade Champagne - My Favorite Co-Wash Conditioner!

My Favorite Co-Wash Conditioner!


Photo Credit: Sade Champagne


In my last post I mentioned one of my staple IC Fantasia products: Hair Polisher Daily Conditioner & Detangler. This conditioner is pure magic in a bottle! I am going to give a review and share how this product best serves me.



Photo Credit: Sade Champagne


Over the past couple of years since I started my healthy hair journey, I've been creating a unique regimen that has helped my hair to flourish more than ever before. It's primarily for chemically relaxed girls who don't wear extensions or use direct heat and who are also passionate about fitness. I will be sharing my full regimen in an upcoming post. This year I am committed to using less chemical straighteners on my hair- right now I am stretching my relaxer touch ups to every 4 months. This has been quite tricky because as I said above- I no longer wear hair extensions or use direct heat on my hair. Also I typically co-wash my hair 3-5 days a week, so my touch ups grow out fast! After I was about 12 weeks post relaxer touch up, I noticed my normal conditioner was no longer detangling my hair, and it felt a little rough after washing out the product.


I began using the Hair Polisher Daily Conditioner & Detangler for my co-washes (usually after a sweaty training or rehearsal session), and I noticed an immediate difference in the feel and look of my hair. I also started using it on my weekly wash days. This product lives up to its promise as it doesn't leave any buildup or residue, and the slip is amazing! The conditioner is gentle enough for daily use, and I have almost no shedding. My hair feels stronger and is shinier. My new growth is softer, and my hair is easier to part through. I am thankful for IC Fantasia's Hair Polisher Daily Conditioner & Detangler because it has helped my 4 month stretch to be more enjoyable and manageable than I ever imagined!


Follow Sade for more hair tips on her instagram @iamsadechampagne


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