Sade Stories: Updates, New Series and More!

Sade Stories: Updates, New Series and More!

Summer and spring are my favorite seasons of the year. We'll be bringing a lot of juicy, fun, and inspiring content your way as I'm working on some exciting ventures.

I'll be introducing two new series this summer:

"On The Road" is where I take IC Fantasia with me to my musical performances, events, and speaking engagements, as I travel around the country living my dreams. Check out my first post in that series here, where I performed at the Sacramento County Fair and handed out free IC Fantasia product samples to fans.

"Hair-Versations" is a series where I'll be interviewing my hair mentors and favorite hair vloggers, as they share all about their hair journeys, favorite tips, words of encouragement and more.

I'll keep everyone updated on my favorite IC Fantasia products, along with how my hair is doing, new photos, and continuing to share what I'm learning on my own hair journey.

If you've given up on your hair or have fallen off the bandwagon, this is the perfect time to get back up and try again.


I could only dream of having as healthy of hair as I do now. Learning how to love myself and my hair (and no longer comparing myself to others) has been life-changing.

I am forever thankful for IC Fantasia, my mom and YouTube!

For more hairstyle tips and tour dates, follow Sade Champagne online:






<3 Team Fantasia


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