Sade Champagne Stories: Hair-versarations with BriannaLIVE

Sade Champagne Stories: Hair-versarations with BriannaLIVE

"Hair-Versarations" is a new series where I'll be interviewing my hair mentors and favorite hair vloggers as they share all about their hair journeys, favorite tips, words of encouragement and more. We're kicking off this series with one of my friends and inspirations: Brianna aka BriannaLIVE from YouTube.

Brianna is 23 years old with a Bachelors of Science degree in Telecommunications, and a minor in retail from the University of Florida. She receved her Associated degree in Mass Communications at Hillborough Community College and aspires to be a journalist/producter.

She started her YouTube channel in 2015 and since gained almost 16,000 subscribers with over 1.5 million views. One of her visual projects was featured in It's My Hair! magazine in the April 2017 Volume 2 issue.

When did you begin your healthy hair journey?
I officially started my hair journey my freshman year of college. I knew I wanted to grow my hair but I wasn't really educated at that time. After I had been wearing my u-part wigs nonstop and finally took it out, I saw a tremendous amount of growth! That's when the research began and my healthy hair journey started ot be health over length.

Have you always been passionate about hair?
I've been passionate about hair since forever! I would go to daycare changing my pony tails around. I would then go home and style all my baby-dolls. I didn't get my first client until I was 13 years old in the 8th grade, and I've been a hairstylist ever since.

Tell us about your YouTube Channel BrianneLIVE. I first discovered you on YouTube and you and your channel have been a tremendous blessing to my life and haircare journey.
My channel BrianneLive is everything I love in one space. When I mentioned growing my hair long to peers, they would laugh and say that's impossible. BrianneLive is the product, the journey, others' journeys, inspiration, passion, and love. Before YouTube was a thing, I truly enjoyed uploading and hearing from women like me.

What do you have coming up on your YouTube channel?
I try to keep my channel fresh and new by releasing a concept video annually. This year I wanted to focus in on different ways to style relaxed hair, the curly girl series where I showcase different heat-free curly styles, more fashion videos, and more of things I love outside of hair.

How do you handle people who criticize you for having relaxed hair?
I DON'T handle people who criticize relaxed hair! These are a group of people who aren't educated or just simply just don't want to think outside the box to understand that hair relaxing is a choice.

What are your top 3 favorite haircare tips?
My top 3 haircare tips would be deep conditioning, protein treatments, and protective styling.

What are some words of encouragement you would give to girls and women who are feeling pessimistic and negative about their hair?
If any woman feels uneasy about their hair I would say cut it off. You shouldn't be so attached to your hair that it makes you feel a way [in a negative way]. Don't get me wrong I love my hair, but I also love my wigs and my hair has never made me feel negative about myself. If there was a time it wasn't healthy, I [would] cut it off with no regrets. It's just hair- it'll grow back!

What is one of your favorite haircare videos on your YouTube channel?
I can't choose just one video, but I love the "Hair Talks" series I have on my channel. I give great hair tips and people can really take a lot from the videos.

We are inundated with beautiful hairstyles and models on social media. How important is it to not compare your hair or haircare journey to others?
It's very hard not to compare yourself with others. Beauty influencers have grown so much lately and you find yourself strolling through pages and pages of beautiful women with beautiful hair. I look at it as there may be someone who looks up to you, so continue to be the best you and try to focus on being your best self to be the light for someone else.

When and what was your last hair setback, and how did you come back from it?
My setback is continuous. My nape has always been an issue, and I'm still trying to work that out! I'll be making videos on how I combat that.

Do you think the hair-typing system is necessary? Why or why not?
My nape area is where my curl pattern is the tightest which causes more conflict with my relaxed hair and the new growth. I think it is important in many ways to know your hair type, but this is my reason.

What is one of your favorite hairstyles?
Two of my favorite hairstyles are my halo braids and braided hairstyles I do with my real hair. It's always eye-catching and it makes me feel very confident!


What are you currently working on or have coming up that you'd like to share with our readers?
I'm starting a "Hair 101" series on my channel where I'll go into depth about haircare and share some professional tips now that I am a licensed cosmetologist.

Thank you Brianna for your time and being a part of our new "Hair-Versarations" series with IC Fantasia. Keep shining like the radiant light you are my friend.

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