T.J's Wash & Go Tutorial ft. Fantasia

T.J's Wash & Go Tutorial ft. Fantasia

This week's spotlight is for the fashionable Tawanda, also known as T.J., for demonstrating a wash and go tutorial with our IC Fantasia Coconut Oil line. Our products are filled with Lauric acid that easily penetrates the hair shaft to retain moisture while keeping hair hydrated and soft.

Watch her routine below:

This line is perfect for blow styling, molding, scuplting, and other styling techniques because of it's great manageability. Create long-lasting styles or define your natural curl pattern with our non-flaking and alcohol-free formula.

Here's a list of products featured:

  • Coconut Styling Gel

  • Coconut Oil Mist

  • Coconut Curling Creme

  • Coconut Oil

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For more natural hair care tips, follow T.J. online:





<3 Team Fantasia

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