What Your Hair Needs Right Now

What Your Hair Needs Right Now

The seasons have changed and so have your hair needs.


Is your favorite foundation no longer holding up? As it starts to get warmer, our skin texture can change and so can our scalp.


We all have our holy grail products but are they right for continuous use? We asked around our office and learned a few things about hair product regimens:

  • Half of us use the same hair products religiously. We have our tried and true products that we stick to.
  • The other half like to try new things and see what performs best. Whether this is switching between 2, 3 or more different types of brands or product lines throughout the month.


We learned that we're really not using up our products and buying other products in search of the one, tried and true product. But maybe that's not what our hair needs. We should focus more on using products to get a desired texture or style for daily use, special events and everything in between.


So why stick to only one line of products? We have to figure out what works for us for each season and occasion. Our bodies adapt to these changes; we wear different clothing during different seasons so why hold ourselves to one product line every day?


Shop around and find the products that work for you!

❤ Team Fantasia



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