When does shampoo go bad?

July 17, 2017

When does shampoo go bad?

Reading Expiration Dates on Beauty Products --- do you know how to read yours?


There are tons of health hazards possible from using expired cosmetics or beauty products. All ingredients have a shelf life and as consumers we need to take inventory of all owned products for our own health and safety.



Here's a quick reference to learn how to read your Fantasia Hair Care bottles -- most of our products should be used within 12 M or 12 months of opening a container -- so check labels accordingly!




If you've been saving that backup shampoo/conditioner for when you run out of your monthly favorite, be sure to note when you first bought or opened it to make sure it's preservatives are still in working.



You should also recycle any cosmetics that you haven't used but opened within the last year. A lot of cosmetics, such as mascara, really shouldn't be used for more than 3 months per bottle due to the ingredient properties altering from air exposure every time you open it.


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