Buyer Beware: We do NOT sell our products on Amazon!

Buyer Beware: We do NOT sell our products on Amazon!



Amazon might not be the best marketplace for hair care


There has been a rise in price for Fantasia Hair Care products lately on Amazon and we took notice! While Fantasia Industries, does NOT directly sell on Amazon, other companies sell our products through their Amazon Stores. These companies obtain our products in bulk and wholesale prices from distributors and sometimes retailers.



Unfortunately, we've been seeing a few negative reviews pop up and don't like the impression it makes on our brand. It's okay if you don't like all of our products, everyone is different, has different hair needs, and is free to like or dislike our products. To counteract this, we create different product lines to cater to different hair textures and types. The negative reviews left on our products are less about the product and more about the wrong doings of these specific Amazon sellers.



Misleading images

We've seen customer reviews about faulty advertising or incorrect bottles shipped (older versions), which is unfortunately out of our hands at that point and can be unsafe to customers!



Safety Concerns

These sellers often have older products, which is not safe! Did you know that you're not supposed to use a lot of beauty products after they have been open for a year? Familiarize yourself with what the icons on your beauty and personal care products mean so that you can use all products safely.



It's not Amazon's fault

Amazon does go through the process of verifying sellers but those sellers are not always upfront with the images posted (and that's not Amazon's fault either!)




Certain sellers may try to scam you

Certain sellers sell older versions of products and often in bulk! We cannot guarantee that these products are not unopened or altered since they are not directly from us. Don't fall for these scams and buy direct either from your local stores or online through our store.


Our Store always offers great deals!

There is also one huge benefit from buying our products through our online store: it's less expensive! Check out our monthly special, every month to get the latest and greatest from Fantasia direct from our warehouse.



It's up to the buyer to make knowledgeable decisions about where they shop so please do your research to avoid scams/fault products. So protect yourself out there and only buy from reputable buyers or directly from a manufacturer!


Shop Safe!



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