New Product Alert! Coconut Curl Booster

New Product Alert! Coconut Curl Booster

Do you need more shine in your life?

Our coconut oil infused products gives the healthy hair you've always wanted. As a natural source of medium chain fatty acids, and especially high in Lauric acid, it supports hormone and cellular health. Coconut oil prevents hair from breaking and encourages growth because of its' low molecular weight, which stands out from other beauty oils.

Coconut oil combines the penetrating power of pure coconut oil with the historic shrine of our hair polisher formula. It has the ability to penetrate the cortex of the hair shaft which helps increast its' strength and flexibility. It also helps reduce split ends and smooths the cuticle layer for intense shine and softness.

The polisher gel is perfect for blow styling, molding, and sculpting while giving a long-lasting natural look. Our alcohol-free formula slows down hair loss while supporting managebility all day without flaking on all hair types.

Watch our video below for two How To & Style demonstrations for each product:

<3 Team Fantasia

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